The Evolution of Education via Online Tutorials in these Tough Times

The Covid-19 global pandemic has changed the way teachers deliver their lectures to students. Educators can now access tutorials on YouTube through proper channel. This is all the better to give their pupils an advantage in the job market when they complete their higher studies. 

The Change and the Challenge

These are not regular times we are living through. My friend Nelson from Sydney plasterer is living at the centre of this new COVID cluster in Northern Beaches in Sydney. Social distancing, intensive handwashing, the necessity of wearing surgical masks and ten thousand other precautions have become the order of the day. Besides radically altering the physical and psychological landscape of our Global Village, this terrible pandemic has no vaccine. This is so despite ongoing efforts by the medical establishment to find a cure ASAP.

Teaching with a Twist

For the first time, extroverts find themselves facing the situational lifestyle of introverts. The tables have been turned and teachers, tutors and lecturers have been forced to head in droves towards cyberspace. The start was rickety. By now though many instructional experts have managed to use various Net tools and applications to do some experience-making for the sake of their students. Lesson plans, assignments, quizzes and examinations have become the preserve of online reality. While this may not be the ideal way of face-to-face interaction, it is the only choice we have at present. 

Tutorials in Perspective

Tutorials online have their advantages and their drawbacks:  

The Pros

  • The class strength for a tutor is 12-25 students which means each one of them gets individualized attention. 
  • Many socially awkward students feel more comfortable with a tutor. The experience is one of warmth and understanding. It is a far cry from the aloof treatment meted out to classes of 100-200 students by an overwhelmed lecturer. 
  • Pupils may revert to the recorded lessons online and shuttle back and forth to acquaint themselves with what they missed earlier on in time. 
  • Tutoring pays off in the long run since students gain in confidence and intelligence. Later on, they achieve tremendous success in whatever vocation they happen to be. 
  • Online tutorials are rich in multimedia and offer a wide range of resources. Thus alumni are open to an educational experience that teaches the basics in their minds in a thorough manner. 

The Cons

  • The cost price for tutorials is often steep. Only the upper and middle class can afford them for their children.  
  • Sometimes the kid is not comfortable with the tutor. They may feel the tutor is being forced upon them by their parents. 
  • We live in a complex society where all sorts of weird stuff going on behind the scenes. A tutor who says inappropriate things in class is always a danger for young minds.  

Education Management 

There is no single method of teaching. What suits one student may be anathema to another. It is up to the teacher or tutor to see what he or she can do to adapt to the classroom. This takes practice. It is not a matter of everything dovetailing in a single day’s duration. Time is the magician that allows both students and instructors to get to know one another on a one-on-one basis. 

Furthermore, apps like Google Classroom, Zoom, Visme and TED Talks are part and parcel of the currently available online toolkit. They are platforms for teaching students in cyberspace. Choose the ones that suit you. Also, beware of copyright infringement laws. Fair use is key to the employment of online content on YouTube. No doubt, there are limits. However, thanks to computer technology, they can be safely ignored since the alternatives are limitless.